IAI brings Light Weight IFF Technology to UAVs, Small Aircrafts, and Dismounted Soldiers

IAI’s newest RF system, Micro IFF Transponder (MIFFT), is the next generation of miniature IFF technology with embedded crypto. Current IFF systems for manned aircraft consume too much power and are too large and heavy. MIFFT will address these stringent size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements for use in UAVs.

Due to the implementation of micro form-factor design, MIFFT’s size allows small UAVs to support Civil and Military IFF modes. MIFFT is being designed to stay within a total volume of 7 cubic inches, including embedded crypto capabilities. It will operate at 28V nominal DC aircraft power but can be powered by a battery pack, making MIFFT flexible and discrete for every mission.

MIFFT will be capable of communicating with civil and military air traffic control systems and be able to support Mode 5 encryption processes, unlike the civilian alternatives. MIFFT incorporates an embedded, AIMS 04-900 compliant crypto engine for Mode 5 support, with NSA certification in progress; no external crypto appliqué is required.

MIFFT has a ruggedized design for military environmental requirements for unoccupied carrier-based aircraft, up to 50,000 feet. MIFFT’s small size, power supply options, and ruggedized design make the system able to support a wide range of missions.

For more information on MIFFT download our brochure below. To find out how IAI can develop a custom IFF solution for you, contact us at contact@i-a-i.com.

Download MIFFT brochure here