IAI to Develop a High Efficiency Acoustic Data Compressor for the Navy

IAI will develop a modular approach to compressing multi-channel acoustic time domain data using modern transform based compression methods paired with denoising, clustering, and time series manipulation techniques. Machine learning methods will be used to enhance the signal processing framework.
IAI’s innovative algorithms and software can be used with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) general-purpose computers and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equipment to convert large amounts of time-domain data from passive acoustic arrays into a compressed data stream that can be transmitted via satellite communications (SATCOM) and rebuilt into a replica of the original data. Navy specialists can then process data at on-shore facilities, reducing the need for expensive data processing and display systems and specially trained crew members on ships to perform real-time data analysis.
For more information on HEADC or to find out how IAI can develop a custom waveform compression technology solution for you, contact us at contact@i-a-i.com.