Introducing Scraawl SocL, PixL, and TxT

Spring is a time of new beginnings — and new products from Scraawl. We’re proud to announce the introduction of Scraawl as an analytics suite and the addition of two new products: Scraawl PixL and Scraawl TxT. To complete the transition, Scraawl will hitherto be called Scraawl SocL.

Each of the tools within the product suite leverage advanced machine learning techniques for data analysis. Scraawl SocL will continue to offer social media and text data analytics. Scraawl PixL will be able to process both images and video for data analysis and Scraawl TxT will focus on large text corpuses from a variety of sources, such as PDFs, Word documents, and emails.

Scraawl remains dedicated to providing exceptional technology solutions at competitive pricing. To learn more about each new product, feel free to explore the updated website, or read on below.

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