IAI to Develop an Advanced Target-in-Ocean Modeling Software

IAI will develop Advanced Target-in-Ocean Modeling Software (ATOMS), a software application that simulates the effects of wave clutter for the AEGIS Combat System (ACS). This software will help assess wave clutter impacts on performance and situational awareness. It will enhance design and validation of sensor detection and tracking by ACS in Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) and help detect sophisticated threats in the presence of heavy sea clutter.

Accurate models of the environment and radar/infrared (IR) returns are needed in order for the software’s algorithms to be trained and validated. The overall problem is multi-scale, electrically large, and complex, since it involves both hydrodynamics and electromagnetic (EM) simulations. ATOMS will instantaneously determine the clutter created by sea waves and its impact on detection and/or tracking operations. It will improve the fidelity of modeling the returns from sea clutter without sacrificing real-time capability within simulation and operations environments. In the test and certification environment, ATOMS will be used to optimize sensor resourcing through the reduction or elimination of false tracks that can be caused by wave clutter and reduce subsequent costs associated with testing AEGIS baseline designs.

The potential benefits of ATOMS include improvement of fidelity for combat system and navigation trainers in the military and commercial domains. Commercial air traffic control operations could also use a clutter reduction model to minimize effects of naturally occurring events or objects.

For more information on ATOMS or to find out how IAI can develop a custom physics-based waveform modeling solution for you, contact us at contact@i-a-i.com.