Enhanced Agent Situational Awareness

IAI wins contract to automatically detect, identify, classify, and track an item of interest in challenging border terrains.

Border Patrol Agents often encounter situations where a single individual, or groups (2 to 20+) of individuals, illegally cross the International border (fence, river, lake, and littoral) and attempt to evade apprehension into the United States territory. These individuals attempt to avoid detection by hiding or blending in among naturally occurring trees, shrubs, hills, draws, man-made structures.

IAI will research a solution that enables Border Patrol agents to detect, identify, classify, track, and apprehend individuals attempting to avoid capture while taking advantage of adverse weather and other vision or aural obscurations as described above.

The device should provide agents the ability to determine if individuals are in possession of weapons (side arms, long arms, clubs, sticks, rocks, digging implements, etc.) and/or bundles. It should also allow the agent to determine if the item of interest is human or other.

About IAI

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