Our Healthcare Games Are Finalists at SGS&C

Each year, IAI participates in the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference, which hosts a Serious Games Showcase and Challenge competition. This year, IAI submitted Restful Voyage, an educational game geared towards increasing the user’s sleep hygiene, and a suite of games focused on increasing the adherence to vestibular therapy and rehabilitation.

Restful Voyage gamifies sleeping habits by encouraging players to follow a certain regiment. Each day, these players are questioned about the previous night’s bedtime routine. Players are rewarded “energy” based on their answers. The game helps teach players better habits by presenting interactive tests that also reward “energy”. This “energy” can be spent adventuring through a board game-inspired journey, where the player must safely navigate their ship back home.

To make gaze stabilization and habituation exercises more fun, IAI has developed Rhythmic Vision, VestibularrR!, and Fast Focus. Rhythmic Vision is a rhythm-based game where players jam out trying to synchronize their eye and head motions. The user must activate a music track with their head position then play each note, using eye motion. In VestibulArrR!, players must defend their town against incoming pirate ships by firing a set of cannons using eye and head movements. Both of these games utilize the Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset with eye tracking to monitor the player’s gaze. Our final game, Fast Focus, is an Android tablet based racing game. Players are required to race around a track within a specific timeframe. Careful consideration is being placed into track designs for this game to induce vestibular stress in a more fun and interesting way. This game is directly tied to a therapy app, in which patients are able to experience therapeutic exercises outside of a clinic environment. Adherence to these exercises rewards the players with new tracks and car components in Fast Focus.

This year, IAI is excited to announce that all of our serious games were selected as finalists! The team will be attending the I/ITSEC conference from December 2nd – 6th to demonstrate the game and hear the final results. To find out more about the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, visit their website at http://sgschallenge.com/

About IAI

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