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ROCKVILLE, Md. — Nov. 6, 2019 — Each year, Intelligent Automation, Inc. participates in the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference, which hosts a Serious Games Showcase and Challenge competition. This year, IAI submitted Restful Voyage, an educational game geared towards increasing the user’s sleep hygiene, and a suite of games focused on increasing the adherence to vestibular therapy and rehabilitation.

IAI is excited to announce that all of our serious games were selected as finalists! The team will be attending the I/ITSEC conference from December 2nd – 6th to demonstrate the game and hear the final results. To find out more about the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, visit their website at

Participants can play the Restful Journey game, which provides information about healthy sleep behaviors in two quiz games: Healthy Habits and Sleep Scrutiny. They earn energy points by playing these two games, which allows their ship to make progress toward its goal of arriving home. The game is designed to take up to 30 days to complete the journey. Players also earn energy points and achievements from their daily check-in either by starting a new behavior or by reaching one of the defined streaks. Progress in the Restful Journey game creates motivation for the user to check in daily; achievements motivate users to practice good sleep behaviors over the long-term.

The VestAid game suite is for patients in need of vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Service members who have been exposed to blasts have frequent complaints of vertigo, gaze instability, motion intolerance, and other symptoms consistent with vestibular pathology. Gaze stabilization and habituation exercises are essential to vestibular rehabilitation and are delivered both as in-clinic therapy and as part of a home-exercise program. Gaze stabilization exercises are usually done with the aid of marks on a wall or handheld cards. Therapists often complain that patients lack motivation to do exercises at home and that when they do them, they have difficulties performing the exercises properly and complying to the prescribed regimen. The home exercises can be boring and may induce symptoms. VestAid supports vestibular rehabilitation therapy through the use of gamification strategies to improve patient motivation and compliance. The games developed for VestAid make the therapy fun, exciting, and add challenging elements for encouragement. Where possible, the traditional therapies are integrated stealthily. The suite provides physical therapists with objective measures of performance, adherence, and symptom history. The suite contains Rhythmic Vision, a VR rhythm game in which players synchronize eye and head motions with visual representations of song notes. This game provides training for corrective saccadic eye motion. Also in the suite is VestibulArrR!, a tower defense game in which players control a set of cannons to defend a town against incoming pirate ships. The cannons are loaded, aimed, and fired using eye and head movements. This game provides saccade eye motion, smooth pursuit, and dual/multi-tasking training. Finally, Fast Focus, a car racing game, is integrated with patient therapy, not only does it provide encouragement and rewards, it also provides therapeutic benefits of habituating patients to visual stimuli that can induce symptoms.

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