IAI Awarded a Follow-On Contract by the U.S. Air Force to Continue Developing an Endpoint Protection for Zero-Day Attacks

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Jan. 21, 2019 — Intelligent Automation, Incorporated (IAI), a technology innovation company, announced today that it has been awarded a follow-on contract by the U.S. Air Force to continue developing endpoint protection to prevent zero-day attacks using automated, signature-less, deep learning-based malware detection algorithms that can run locally on hosts.

IAI will continue the development of deep learning algorithms to autonomously detect and prevent zero-day attacks and other exploits of Air Force systems in real time. The solution will perform a static analysis of malware executables while minimizing the degradation of the host performance.

The technology will be configurable, with the capability to inject customized instruction checks and perform behavior analysis on web requests and network traffic.  It will also notify all other host-based agents of newly discovered malware threats. This deep learning-based technology will detect malicious activity that has not been previously detected, regardless of network connectivity, and protect itself if there is unauthorized control of the host.

The attack prevention technology will support an out-of-band connection; virtual LANs; and bi-directional authentication, authorization, and accounting that is secured via an encrypted command, control, and data channel. It will also be interoperable with virtualized environments and be adaptable from a laboratory prototype to deployed systems, which can be installed and run on actual or simulated hardware. IAI will verify that the algorithms can be trained to detect and potentially block malicious activity.

IAI is an industry leader for R&D in wireless network security, cyber-attack analysis and mitigation, and cyber security testing and training. In this effort, IAI will leverage its current technology portfolio in networks and cyber security, research testbeds, and products to enable rapid prototyping and validation of the technology.

“IAI is proud to have been selected by the Air Force to explore innovative technologies to meet technology gaps in the areas of malware detection and endpoint protection,” said Vikram Manikonda, President and CEO of IAI.  “We are excited to be a part of the Air Force’s R&D efforts in this area, and will work with our customer to identify opportunities to transition our research into DOD programs of record in cyber security.”

About IAI

IAI is a technology innovation company specializing in providing advanced technology solutions and R&D services to federal agencies and corporations. IAI leverages agile R&D processes, a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment, and a substantial intellectual property portfolio to develop concepts into market-focused products and customer-driven solutions. IAI’s core R&D areas include: AI & Advanced Computing; Autonomy & Robotics; Healthcare Research Technologies; Modeling, Simulation & Visualization; Networks & Cyber Security; and Radar, Communications & Sensors. For more information about IAI, please visit www.i-a-i.com.


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