IAI Awarded U.S. Army Contract to Develop Micro-Protocols for Short-Lived Links

ROCKVILLE, Md.—May 6, 2020Intelligent Automation, Incorporated (IAI), a technology innovation company, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army to develop micro-protocols that operate on a very short-lived connections due to contested or congested spectrums.

In this contract, IAI will capture the interactions that need to take place between networking layers when communicating with short-lived signals using a mathematical framework. IAI will formulate probabilistic models of the network operations to optimize performance when environmental effects or electronic warfare prevent continuous communications. Using the same probabilistic models and machine learning techniques, IAI will perform networking functions to ensure delivery of information to the warfighter while avoiding detection.

“IAI understands the challenge of contested spectrum environments and is proud to support the U.S. Army’s efforts in this area,” said Vikram Manikonda, President and CEO of IAI.

IAI deploys software and hardware technologies to support hardware-in-the-loop testing and spectrum planning. IAI’s channel simulations emulate terrain, distance, motion, and interference for connected radio systems. These technologies enable simulation of radar returns and the injection of signal degradation from electronic warfare equipment. These tools are used to gain better understanding of how radio systems will respond to complex RF environments and contested spectrum.


About IAI

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