IAI Awarded U.S. Army Contract to Develop an Infrastructure for Air and Missile Defense Combat Identification, Planning, and Response

ROCKVILLE, Md.—May 26, 2020Intelligent Automation, Incorporated (IAI), a technology innovation company, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army to develop a scalable AI infrastructure to support air and missile defense combat identification, planning, and response.

In this contract, IAI will develop a scalable system architecture and framework engine that supports AI-based algorithms. Data from multiple sources will be fused to perform many integrated air missile and defense (IAMD) functions. The system will autonomously perform highly complex IAMD tasks including designing defenses, identifying and classifying tracks, predicting track vectors, and managing sensors and weapons.

“IAI is proud to support the U.S. Army to improve AI-driven missile defense systems and strategies,” said Vikram Manikonda, President and CEO of IAI.

IAI develops analytics tools to solve DOD and commercial challenges. Use cases for IAI’s image and video analytics tools include face detection and recognition, target identification, and tracking. These computer vision capabilities extend to human motion and activity identification, weapon detection, and threat detection. IAI’s text analytics leverage NLP, graph analytics, behavior analytics, and trend analysis to help users obtain actionable intelligence from large datasets. IAI has further applied these AI and big data capabilities for predictive analytics, remaining usable life estimates, and anomaly detection.


About IAI

IAI is a technology innovation company specializing in providing advanced technology solutions and R&D services to federal agencies and corporations. IAI leverages agile R&D processes, a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment, and a substantial intellectual property portfolio to develop concepts into market-focused products and customer-driven solutions. IAI’s core R&D areas include: AI & Advanced Computing; Autonomy & Robotics; Healthcare Research Technologies; Modeling, Simulation & Visualization; Networks & Cyber Security; and Radar, Communications & Sensors. For more information about IAI, please visit www.i-a-i.com.

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