IAI Awarded U.S. Army Contract to Develop a Handheld Laser Designator for Moving Targets

ROCKVILLE, Md.—July 1, 2020Intelligent Automation, Incorporated (IAI), a technology innovation company, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army to develop a handheld laser designator with beam stabilization to lock on and track moving targets.

In this contract, IAI will develop a device that, when paired with a see-spot camera, can provide operators with visual indicators. This device will support the Long Range Precision Fires Cross-Functional Team (CFT) by providing increased standoff distance to aircraft/munition platforms and consequently allowing Laser Guided Bombs (LGBs) greater “fire and forget” capability against mobile threats.

“IAI is proud to have been selected by U.S. Army to develop the next generation of handheld laser designators,” said Vikram Manikonda, President and CEO of IAI.

IAI creates custom electro-optical systems, novel sensing techniques, and embedded machine vision processing to enable deployable fire-control systems and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) platforms. IAI’s sensing packages employ image stabilization, machine vision, and other sensing modalities to provide the most detailed information to operators. Computer vision methods enable object detection, tracking, and classification in the field. Computer vision information is combined with other sensing modalities, such as ultrasonic probes, LIDAR, and RF sensors, to enable threat detection, damage assessments, and condition-based maintenance.


About IAI

IAI is a technology innovation company specializing in providing advanced technology solutions and R&D services to federal agencies and corporations. IAI leverages agile R&D processes, a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment, and a substantial intellectual property portfolio to develop concepts into market-focused products and customer-driven solutions. IAI’s core R&D areas include: AI & Advanced Computing; Autonomy & Robotics; Healthcare Research Technologies; Modeling, Simulation & Visualization; Networks & Cyber Security; and Radar, Communications & Sensors. For more information about IAI, please visit www.i-a-i.com.

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