IAI Awarded US Army Contract to Develop New Seat System to Protect Soldiers in Combat Vehicles

ROCKVILLE, Md.—April 7, 2021—Intelligent Automation, Incorporated (IAI), a technology innovation company, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army to develop an energy attenuation bench seat system for use in combat vehicles.

In this contract, IAI will develop an innovative bench seat that is lightweight, yet durable enough to handle the rugged conditions encountered by ground vehicles. The seating system will accommodate up to 4 soldiers and absorb explosive energy to provide improved protection in events such as an underbody blast, crash, rollover, top/bottom attack, and VBIED.

“IAI recognizes the importance of combat vehicle safety and is proud to support the U.S. Army’s efforts in this area,” said Vikram Manikonda, President and CEO of IAI.

IAI is an industry leader for research and development in electromechanical system design. IAI will leverage its current technology portfolio and product design in complex systems analysis to enable rapid design and development of this technology.

About IAI

IAI is a technology innovation company specializing in providing advanced technology solutions and R&D services to federal agencies and corporations. IAI leverages agile R&D processes, a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment, and a substantial intellectual property portfolio to develop concepts into market-focused products and customer-driven solutions. IAI’s core R&D areas include: AI & Advanced Computing; Autonomy & Robotics; Healthcare Research Technologies; Modeling, Simulation & Visualization; Networks & Cyber Security; and Radar, Communications & Sensors.

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