Former Interns Transition to Successful Careers at IAI

IAI has a very successful internship program. Eight interns over the past year engaged in meaningful projects in the areas of robotics, air traffic management, educational technology, network security, and product development.

Nishat Sultana, who joined IAI as a software engineer intern, worked on a project to test users’ ability to recognize emotion in human faces. She helped her team develop a back-end system in Grails and  communication systems in Python. Sultana is now a full-time software engineer working on machine learning, machine vision, and AI projects.

“I will recommend IAI’s internship program. Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and supportive here. It was a great opportunity for me,” said Sultana.

Brian Lin, a former intern and now full-time software engineer, said that his internship program shaped his career as an app developer. Now working on a loop-signature app for vehicle re-identification using multiple data sources, Lin continues to be intellectually challenged at IAI.

“Before the program, I was fairly limited in what I can do. My experiences have helped me learn front-end and back-end development,” said Lin.

IAI is proud of its internship program, which guides future leaders and encourages them throughout their professional and technical development. As new interns are welcomed to the family, IAI is excited to see what they accomplish and how they grow.