Dr. Abdel-Malek Presented on Human Simulation

Bio: Karim Abdel-Malek is internationally recognized in the area of human simulation. He currently serves as the Director of the Iowa Technology Institute at the University of Iowa, a world-renowned research center with 3 centers and 7 mission areas. Dr. Abdel-Malek is the creator of SANTOS®, a comprehensive virtual platform for human simulation that has been developed over the past 15 years for the US Military. Dr. Abdel-Malek has led projects with many services of the US Military and several industry partners including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Rockwell Collins, Caterpillar, and others. His work on the development of mathematical models for predicting human motion has been extensively published and is the subject of a book entitled, “Predictive Dynamics.” Dr. Abdel-Malek received his MS and PhD in robotics and simulation from the University of Pennsylvania. He has published over 300 publications, 2 books, several US patents, and is the co-founder of three hi-tech companies in the simulation industry.

Abstract: A human simulator, developed at the University of Iowa, aids in the reduction of load for the US Marines, tests new gear for the US Army, and helps design new vehicles for the auto manufacturing industry. SANTOS and SOPHIA® are digital twins developed over the past 15 years. An integrated virtual human, including biomechanics, physiology, and AI models, has been developed to work inside SANTOS. Predictive Dynamics (PD) is a term coined to characterize a new methodology for predicting human motion while considering dynamics of the human and the environment. While multi-body dynamics typically attempts to use numerical integration to determine the motion of a system of rigid bodies that has been subjected to external forces or is in motion, PD uses optimization and human performance measures to predict the motion. This presentation covers the underlying formulation for predicting human motion while considering the biomechanics.

Physiology modeling including heat strain, work rest, extended load carriage, hydration, and many other parameters have been implemented into the model. The SANTOS platform provides a unique comprehensive system for simulating human motion, predicting what a human can do, and conducting trade-off analysis, leading to significant cost reductions. Virtual experimentation for new equipment and sending SANTOS to test new designs is at the heart of its capabilities.

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