ARGUS™ is an easy to use, portable Radio Frequency (RF) based perimeter intrusion detection system.

ARGUS™ is an easy to use, portable Radio Frequency (RF) based perimeter intrusion detection system.

ARGUS Perimeter Security Solutions provides comprehensive turnkey systems for physical security, intrusion detection, and access control. The ARGUS suite of fully wireless solutions allows for customized deployments in any environment without need for pre-existing infrastructure.

Complete, deployable solutions for perimeter security
Secure 1 km perimeter in a day with no existing infrastructure
Supports construction through multi-site operations

Originally developed for US defense agencies and front-line warfighters… The ARGUS platform has been adapted to fit within the industrial sectors while retaining its original objective as a rapidly deployable, constantly evolving, physical security system. ARGUS provides reliable unattended protection and monitoring for commercial, government and critical infrastructure.

An intelligent mesh network of unattended sensors forms the backbone of an ARGUS system. Each sensor serves as both a means of intrusion detection and as a network communications relay to help extend and strengthen the system’s wireless footprint.


ARGUS™ can be deployed in minutes and requires no infrastructure

Construction Site Security

ARGUS provides a full suite of sensors and services for construction and temporary security deployments without existing infrastructure. The entire system installs wirelessly, utilizing high-capacity batteries and solar collectors for sustained operations.

Operational Site Security

As a site transitions from construction to operational, a permanent solar-powered ARGUS system is deployed for long-term usage with minimal maintenance. The site can be enhanced with additional layers of detection, integrated with cameras, and populated with personnel tracking systems for increased functionality.

ARGUSView™ & Enterprise Services

ARGUSView is the software interface for on-site and remote monitoring of a facility’s ARGUS system. ARGUS Enterprise is a highly scalable, cloud-based solution for multi-site operation.


ARGUS provides unrivaled versatility as it can operate as a standalone system or be integrated with existing surveillance technologies, such as cameras and IR sensors, to provide added security. ARGUS can help reduce the number of personnel associated with maintaining a safe perimeter by providing real-time intrusion detection. The ARGUS perimeter security system is:


The ARGUS nodes are built to withstand harsh environments and exposure to water and extreme temperatures.


ARGUS was designed with portability and efficiency in mind. The wireless nodes are compact and light weight allowing it to travel easily inside a backpack or in a carrying case. This portable design allows operators to easily deploy ARGUS in remote locations.


If tampered with ARGUS automatically self-heals the fence with the remaining nodes preventing any gaps.


The ARGUSView map-based user interface can be easily operated on any desktop or on-the-go through a laptop, tablet or, phone. ARGUSView can forward warnings and alerts to cell phones or remote monitoring stations through SMS and/or MMS.

Rapidly Deployable

A perimeter can be set up and deployed in minutes, with ARGUS‘ self-location features and user-friendly interface.


ARGUS wireless nodes can be equipped with a variety of sensors, such as GPS modules and multiple video cameras, as well as external power sources including solar panels and external batteries. Nodes are flexible to meet the operational requirement of any environment.

Global Monitoring and Performance Analysis

ARGUSView offers a user-friendly graphical interface to manage and configure the deployed security perimeter. ARGUSView displays all sensors and accessories in one common operating picture on a map-based interface. 

ARGUS Enterprise provides subscribers with automated health checks, alert statistics, heat mapping, and software integration support.

ARGUSView Client Software
  • Real-time multi-site monitoring
  • View alerts and camera feeds
  • Desktop and mobile applications
ARGUS Enterprise Services
  • Cloud-based remote access
  • Data archive and alert history
  • Multiple user access levels
ARGUS Analytix Web Portal
  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • Alert history and heat maps
  • Response performance assessment

The ARGUS™ Family of Products

ARGUS offers a full suite of intrusion sensors, access controls, imaging systems, and control equipment that allows for both off-the-shelf deployments and customized products for multi-layer perimeter security networks. ARGUS mesh communications networks cross cue external systems/devices through software or directly via the use of ARGUS I/O hardware. These products enhance and expand the overall security posture of the facility by integrating existing and future security devices into one common operating picture.

Optical Intrusion Detection

Optical intrusion detection sensors add a secondary sensing modality to any ARGUS network. These sensors provide supplemental coverage to areas out of reach for RF-based devices or create overlapping multi-layered security, further increasing the probability of detection. Optical sensors integrate through sensor fusion — an algorithm that uses multiple inputs to intelligently detect threats.

Video Surveillance

ARGUS provides several options for remote video surveillance. Our camera solutions are turnkey systems intended to provide video or image confirmation of ARGUS alerts with minimal infrastructure or installation. The specific cameras used in these systems can be provided by the customer or customized by our security engineers to best fit the intended application.

Access Control

ARGUS Access Control devices monitor and regulate physical access to gates as well as identification verification at personnel and vehicle entry points. These systems operate wirelessly as part of the mesh network communications architecture, reporting status, access condition, and alarms to the ARGUSView user interface.

Guard Force Tracking

The ARGUS GuardTrac products provide real-time, GPS positioning of response personnel. Response management can be customized to include checkpoint monitoring, cellular-based guard-to-control room communications, map-based alert interface, location-based alert masking, and other performance functions.