CBAR is a powerful, next-gen wireless channel propagation modeling software that is designed to work efficiently on a laptop.

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A powerful, next-gen wireless channel propagation modeling software designed to work efficiently on a laptop

The CBAR (channel modeling based on bi-directional ray tracing and radiative transfer method) software predicts bit error rate and link availability of air-to-ground and ground-to-air communications links. For example, CBAR incorporates the impacts of the terrain, aircraft position orientation and velocity, antenna pattern of aircraft and ground stations, receiver characteristics, and modulation schemes.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful Techniques – CBAR is a highly efficient 3D ray-tracing algorithm. Moreover, it employs computational geometry to accurately trace polygon ray tubes and calculate shadowing and reflection.
  • Electro-Magnetic (EM) Scattering Models – Likewise, it incorporates the Electro-magnetic (EM) Scattering Model of Physical Optics (PO). In addition, multithreading computes scattering in parallel across multiple CPU cores.
  • Full Validation – Results validated against commercial simulation tools and data from field testing.
  • Interface with Channel Emulators – CBAR provides time-varying multipath channel outputs in formats that are compatible with commercial channel emulators.
Customer Advantages:
  • Low Cost and Efficient – For instance, testing with the commercial uniform geometrical theory of diffraction (UTD) tool shows the efficiency of CBAR’s ray tracing techniques.
  • Above all, CBAR is available on small computing platforms such as Windows laptop, made possible with its efficient design.
  • Accurate – Testing with UTD techniques accurately captures more multipaths.
Antenna pattern
Antenna Pattern
flight data validation
Test Flight Data Validation
CBAR Mapview
CBAR MapView


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