CerberusNXT is an AI-empowered network analysis solution that connects, enriches and correlates local data with external, global threat data in providing cross-data analytics to detect advanced threats, perform in-depth alert investigation and prioritization, and vulnerability and risk assessment.

CerberusNXT – Detect, Visualize, Assess, and Protect

CerberusNXT™ is an AI-empowered cyber analysis solution that connects, enriches, and correlates local data with external, global threat data to provide cross-data analytics that detect advanced threats, perform vulnerability assessment, and support in-depth alert investigation. In summary, CerberusNXT integrates tools and data feeds used by cyber threat investigators from public and commercial sectors into a seamless solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic Dashboard: CerberusNXT adopts the concept of analytics-as-a-service or SIEM-as-a-service, and provides a web-based visualization and analytics dashboard. CerberusNXT allows for easy access anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Asset Information on a Single Pane: CerberusNXT provides analysts with a customizable single pane of asset information based on particular interest. Furthermore, it includes basic asset information, real-time traffic, vulnerabilities, and security events. The asset information provides easy access to all information from different tools and significantly reduces the need to switch screens/tools.
  • Sensor Schedule and Configuration: With CerberusNXT, security teams can configure individual sensors to schedule the scanning frequency and time. Furthermore, sensors will be automatically running at the backend to provide most updated data.
  • Context Enrichment: Security teams require additional contexts to understand and respond to security events and vulnerabilities. Threat intelligence gives analysts an edge. CerberusNXT connects multiple data sources from the network and external database providing cross-data correlation and context enrichment.
  • Scalable Big Data Platform: CerberusNXT provides a highly scalable data analysis platform enabled by the state-of-the-art, proven big-data technologies. For example, CerberusNXT ingests, processes, and stores huge volumes of data across the IT infrastructure, including security, event, and threat information.
  • On-Premise & Cloud Delivery: CerberusNXT offers easy delivery as a software download, on-premise installation, or cloud-based service. In addition, it makes data, alerts, knowledge, and analytics accessible, usable, and valuable across the organization.

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CerberusNXT Use Cases

Vulnerability & Traffic Correlation

Correlating vulnerability and real-time traffic allows analysts to identify the risky endpoints/ports which have been actively explored, risky endpoints/ports to be blocked, and risky endpoints/ports need extra countermeasures. Additionally, prioritizing tasks based on vulnerability and real-time traffic provides valuable threat intelligence.

Threat Detection & Alert Investigation

Perform threat detection and in-depth alert investigation using state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Moreover, correlation of network level threat detection and threat intelligence supports more accurate prioritization of alerts.

Risk Assessment & Task Prioritization

Identify high-risk assets through quantitative risk measurement by connecting real-time traffic, alerts, vulnerability, and threat intelligence. In short, actionable intelligence about alerts facilitates risk management.