ARGUS™ is an easy to use, portable, scalable, and self-localizing Radio Frequency(RF) based perimeter intrusion detection system.

This innovative system uses a network of unattended wireless sensors to create a “trip wire” around a perimeter to provide early warnings against intrusions. The ARGUS™ wireless nodes relay real-time perimeter security information to the ARGUSview™ software, where users can visualize the exact location of intrusions and manage additional networked sensors. This versatile perimeter security system allows operators to:

  • –  Establish a reconfigurable perimeter using 2 to 50 low cost networked radios
  • –  Deploy in indoor or outdoor environments due to the rugged design of ARGUS™
  • –  Conceal compact nodes inside of commercial cones or barriers.
  • –  Secure a perimeter in all weather conditions through foliage, walls, and other obstructions
  • –  Deploy wireless nodes for long-term unattended operations
ARGUS™ is an adaptive solution ideally suited for mobile security applications, remote deployments, and permanent safety operations. ARGUS™ can operate indoors or outdoors in structures such as hangars or buildings, and can be easily concealed inside of cones, barriers, or other structures. The ARGUS™ nodes are compact, and built to withstand harsh environments where they can potentially be dropped, come into contact with water, and be exposed to extreme temperatures. ARGUSview™ provides users with an intuitive control interface supporting multiple computer platforms and enabling alert forwarding to smartphones.


ARGUS™ can be deployed in minutes and requires no infrastructure

Tactical Deployments

Rapidly deployable ARGUS™ kits, for First Responders, Military, and Police, provide situational awareness with existing sensors and/or ARGUS™ cameras that can be integrated with Operation Centers.

Expeditionary Applications

Portable and compact ARGUS™ Expeditionary nodes can be mounted anywhere for covert operations. These kits provide a customizable security perimeter for early detection of intrusion events

Border Protection

Designed for permanent applications, ARGUS™ Border Protection creates a layer mesh network, enabling large-area intruder tracking with uninterrupted operation for up to four years.

Asset Protection

Aero Senty™ nodes are integrated with safety cones, creating an RF barrier around aircraft and critical assets. Ideal for protection on the pause and optimized for aviation security.

Permanent Installation

Hardened industrial ARGUS™ Permanent nodes work as stand-alone, temporary or permanent perimeter security for construction and/or industrial sites. Remote antenna options for mounting ARGUS™ Permanent nodes.

Custom Configurations

ARGUS™ Customized nodes can be hidden and connected to an antenna up to ten feet away. Packaging options allow nodes to be enclosed in poles, mounted on signs, and even installed within drywall for indoor security.


ARGUS™ provides unrivaled versatility as it can operate as a standalone system or be integrated with existing surveillance technologies such as cameras and IR sensors to provide added security. ARGUS™ can help reduce the number of personnel associated with maintaining a safe perimeter by providing real-time intrusion detection. The ARGUS™ perimeter security system is:

Thirty wireless ARGUS™ nodes can secure an area of roughly 150,000ft2, with an intra-node separation of 200-250ft.
ARGUS™ was designed with portability and efficiency in mind. The wireless nodes are compact and light weight allowing it to travel easily inside a backpack or in a carrying case. This portable design allows operators to easily deploy ARGUS™ in remote locations.
In the event of tampering, ARGUS™ automatically self-heals the fence with the remaining nodes preventing any gaps.
The ARGUSview™ map-based user interface can be easily operated on any desktop or on-the-go through a laptop, tablet or, phone. ARGUSview™ can forward warnings and alerts to cell phones or remote monitoring stations through SMS and/or MMS.
Rapidly Deployable
A perimeter can be set up and deployed in minutes, enabled by ARGUS™ self-location features and user-friendly interface.
ARGUS™ wireless nodes can be equipped with a variety of sensors, such as GPS modules and multiple video cameras, as well as external power sources including solar panels and external batteries. Nodes are flexible to meet the operational requirement of any environment.


ARGUS™ provides a user-friendly graphical interface to manage and configure the deployed security perimeter. Through ARGUSview™, operators can remotely receive real-time intrusion alerts, including information such as the location of the triggered node and verification multimedia such as photographs or video. ARGUSview™ features include:

  • –  Support for IP camera streaming and logging
  • –  Host connection via USB or Bluetooth
  • –  SMS/MMS messaging support
  • –  Windows, Mac, and Android smartphone compatibility
  • –  Java-based GUI for intrusion detection and tracking
  • –  Integrated alerts for Situational Awareness software
  • –  Visualization of node locations and configuration


ARGUS™ has a range of accessories allowing the user to customize the system to meet the user’s requirements. Optional accessories are available to customize ARGUS™ for extended operations, permanent installations, and provide for visual confirmation and recording of intrusion events. IAI offers extensive support for direct integration of ARGUS™ with existing surveillance camera systems and other sensors.

Integrated Optics
ARCAM & ARGUSEye™ cameras provide imagery for intrusion classification and after action reporting. ARCAM is integrated with ARGUS™, transmitting to ARGUSView™. ARGUSEye™, a compact Pan-Tilt-Zoom(PTZ) camera, provides wide area coverage of ARGUS™ devices.
Extended Battery Life
ARGUS™ possesses an external battery port to accommodate a family of BB25XX military batteries, hard-wire power options, and solar panel recharging. A wide range of solar panels and recharging systems are offered to support field or permanent installations.
Sensor Modularity
ARGUS™ units can integrate additional sensors, including passive infrared, seismic, acoustic, and low-power image-based motion detection. Sensors can be integrated as add-on modules, or within custom integrated enclosures.
Mounts and Cases
Stake, bracket, and strap mount options are offered for indoor or outdoor deployment enabling secure attachment to walls, ground, and other surfaces. Rugged transport and soft cases can be purchased for specific applications by request.