Frameworker is an easy-to-use content packaging, metadata & management tool

Frameworker provides a drag & drop workspace for working with multiple content packages. Developers structure content aggregations by creating learning objects and linking media files.

A unique spreadsheet interface is provided for metadata editing, supporting IEEE Learning Object Metadata (LOM) and industry-specific standards / taxonomies interoperably. Complex XML schema are simply manipulated by users, with values customized to each organization’s customized terminology. In addition, policies can be created which specify the fields that are required by work stage, object type and level.

Frameworker is PC/Mac compatible and works with SCORM 1.2/2004 LMSs, as well as CORDRA content registries. It can also be integrated with in-house content management/authoring systems.

  • Helps courseware developers assemble, catalog & reuse SCORM packages

  • Easy metadata editing using industry-specific schemas and LOM

  • Integrates with popular LMSs, authoring systems and CORDRA

  • Customizable to each organization’s workflow and metadata requirements