GISTe is an Open Source GIS tool for researchers and planners who work with research data that have geo-spatial attributes.

GISTe is specialized for substance abuse epidemiologists to perform geo-spatial visualization and analysis on their data. GISTprovides simple-to-use interface to study novel spatial context of the data including geo-temporal trend, clustering, and multivariate models, without requiring elaborate set up and network connectivity.

Developed by Intelligent Automation Inc. under NIDA support, GISTe provides a simple-to-use interface to study novel spatial context of the data including geo-temporal trends, clustering, and multivariate models. The ability to visualize spatial features and to consider the relevance of multiple features in the same spatial area offers researchers an important tool for hypothesis generation, investigation, and validation.

GISTe is a Java based GIS visualization and analysis tool developed under NIDA support. It is enabled by UDig, OpenGL, JGrass, GeoTools, QuickMap©. It supports Shape file, Raster Grid and Image, and is available with preloaded map files.

Next generation of GISTe is being developed to be powered by IAI’s MINERVA (Modular Information Extraction, Retrieval, Visualization and Analysis) Framework, which will provide

  • Project management capability with version control

  • Flexibility to add novel analysis algorithms

  • Data storage and management

Basic Features

GISTe provides its user with the latest in

  • Case Data Geocoding & Transformation

  • Kernel Density Estimation

  • Geospatial Clustering (K-means, DBScan)

  • Thematic Mapping

  • Gradient & Proximity Analysis for Hypothesis Testing

  • Support for Shapefiles

  • Support for Bing® Street and Satellite Maps

Advanced Spatial Analysis Features

Spatial Autocorrelation:
Global & Local
Geo-temporal Trend Analysis
Spatio-Temporal Clustering
Multivariate Modeling using Geographically Weighted Regression