GradAtions® is an intelligent tutor for reading comprehension which employs advanced text analysis algorithms to provide a real-time summary score.

GradAtions®, a patented intelligent reading comprehension tutor funded through the Office of Naval Research, helps learners improve their reading proficiency and learn new text-based information in an efficient manner. GradAtions instructional design is based on a large body of research in reading and learning that shows learners who write summaries about the material they have read gain better reading proficiency. Learners write summaries as well as use an array of interactive tools to improve and to measure their reading comprehension.

Recent independent studies have consistently shown that learners who use GradAtions for 35-40 hours improve their reading performance by two grade levels. With these demonstrated results, GradAtions can help to improve the reading skills of students in community colleges, work force training programs as well as learners working independently to enhance their reading proficiency.

GradAtions’ innovative technology lies in its summary scoring method which employs an advanced text analysis algorithm to provide a real-time summary score. The score is used to measure how well the learner understood the material and to determine the next level passage the learner should receive. Learners improve by advancing through appropriately challenging content while learning meaningful and relevant material. Deployed as a standalone instruction component or combined with teacher lead instruction, GradAtions web-based design provides anytime, anywhere reading improvement instruction.


Content Independent

GradAtions® may be used with any content including technical manuals, work-related documents, textbooks, magazines or other publications.

Continuous, Automated Feedback

GradAtions® analyzes the learner’s summaries and provides feedback relative to how well they understood the information. It then selects the next section, progressing the learner through the content in a way that promotes success.

Individualized Instruction

Automated assessments are used to tailor instruction to meet the needs of learners of varying skill levels, backgrounds and knowledge of the material.


High School Juniors who are selected to participate in the Multiethnic Introduction to Engineering (MITE) Academic Boot Camp use GradAtions to enhance their reading comprehension skills as part of their efforts to be able to attend Purdue University.
Under the leadership of the American Association of Community Colleges, the VCN Healthcare initiative helps students prepare for and find careers in the healthcare industry. Students can use GradAtions while they read and learn about science and jobs in the healthcare industry.
Students who were taking courses in English as a Second Language used GradAtions to improve their reading comprehension skills while learning about topics related to the college and to California.
Naval recruits use GradAtions to improve their reading comprehension skills while learning basic history and command procedures. Independent studies demonstrated that recruits who used GradAtions for 35-40 hours improved their reading performance by two grade levels.