nxtAERO NextGen Aeronautics Solutions, a suite of specialized products, meets the needs of the aviation and aerospace industry.

nxtAERO, a suite of specialized COTS software and hardware products, meets the needs of the rapidly changing aviation and aerospace industry.

The nxtAERO NextGen Aeronautics Solutions leverages the state-of-the-art technologies in modeling and simulation, multi-disciplinary optimization, and artificial intelligence. Likewise, it provides practitioners with a set of highly specialized and customized tools tailored to meet their operational needs. IAI licenses its nxtAERO products to several organizations within NASA, FAA and DOD.

nxtAERO Family of Products

Aircraft and UAS Trajectory Generator

The Kinematic Trajectory Generator (KTG) is a validated, medium fidelity wheels-off-to-wheel-on 4D trajectory generator. Specifically, KTG uses Eurocontrol’s BADA aircraft performance data to generate nominal LNAV, VNAV, and 4D trajectories. Additionally, KTG uses the Total Energy Model to generate off-nominal trajectories. KTG is available as a Java-based library with documented APIs for integration with third-party simulation tools. Furthermore, KTG integrates with NASA’s Airspace Concept Evaluation System (ACES). Developed under NASA SBIRs, KTG is commercially available from IAI.

Future UAS Demand Projection

UAS-Max, a UAS-demand-forecast generation tool with sample datasets, models and studies the impact of UAS flights in controlled airspace. IAI developed the mission-specific flight data based on interviews with SMEs and key stakeholders. UAS-Max datasets provide users with critical data. For example, mission characteristics, mission-specific demand estimates, aircraft types, flight routes, departure/arrival airports, and other flight plan data. Additionally, these datasets provide the information needed to model UAS traffic in the NAS from a range of use cases. Using IAI’s Kinematic Trajectory Generator (KTG) software, UAS-Max simulates UAS trajectories. Initially developed under NASA SBIRs, UAS-Max is commercially available from IAI.

Air Traffic Simulation of Metroplexes

MetroSim is a fast-time air traffic simulation tool for optimizing and analyzing flights and UAS operations in metroplexes. Specifically, MetroSim allows airport planners, traffic flow management experts, airline dispatchers, air traffic controllers, and pilots to reduce the uncertainty in operations planning, recover quickly from disruptive events, maintain high throughput even in adverse weather conditions, and handle the uncertainties associated with weather forecasts. At the heart of MetroSim are IAI’s proprietary algorithms for scheduling integration and KTG for trajectory modeling. Initially developed under NASA SBIRs, MetroSim is now operational under NASA SBIR Phase III contracts.

Terminal Area and Airport Surface Editor

TAASE supports the design, development, and maintenance of terminal airspace descriptions and airport surface descriptions. For 3D visualization of trajectories, TAASE integrates with common map servers like Google Tile Servers, NASA WorldWind, Web Mapping Services, such as OpenStreetMap and Leaflet JS, and other Web Feature Services. Additionally, TAASE provides the user with the option of layering maps, lightning events, radar data, GOES-R data, and associated geometries.

Air Space Concept Evaluation System

Built on IAI’s CybelePro agent infrastructure, ACES’ software infrastructure uses KTG for terminal area operations. Moreover, ACES provides flexibility in configuring custom simulations and enables explicit modeling of command and control entities operating within the NAS. Above all, ACES is available as GOTS software by NASA Ames. Developed under NASA’s ATMSDI initiative, IAI is one of the primary developers of ACES and supports the maintenance of ACES.

Space Range Planning, Scheduling, and Execution

StarGate, a planning and scheduling software, manages range operations at the US Space Command’s eastern and western space ranges. In addition, StarGate offers end-to-end support, from planning a space launch to its completion. Initially developed under an ARFL SBIR, StarGate is now an operational system under SBIR Phase III funding. After undergoing significant development, operational testing, and evaluation, StarGate received an Authority To Operate (ATO) and is currently deployed at the 45th Space Wing. At the heart of StarGate are IAI’s scheduling and planning algorithms which execute in CybelePro, IAI’s agent infrastructure.

Wire Fault Diagnosis Tool

WireCheck® is an extremely sensitive time domain reflectometer that specifically for detects chafing and other soft faults in cables. With the ability to detect chafes in cables up to 200 feet with sub-inch accuracy, WireCheck can simplify difficult troubleshooting tasks on aircraft and other systems where cable access is limited and/or where faults are intermittent. In short, WireCheck comes with common cable attachments and Matlab calibration functions that dramatically increase sensitivity and dynamic range during post-processing.

Flight Ready, Flight Secured

Aero Sentry™, an easy to use, rapidly deployable, affordable, and highly flexible wireless security system, provides unparalleled security for aircraft and aviation infrastructure. This wireless “trip wire” consists of handheld units that can be set up around the aircraft to form an invisible fence. When an intruder crosses the fence line, an integrated camera provides visual confirmation of the intrusion. In addition, AeroSentry sends the alert and image to a mobile device via MMS/SMS messaging. In conclusion, Aero Sentry nodes seamlessly integrates with any commercial barrier cone to provide discrete asset monitoring and protection.

Customers, Partnerships, and Interoperability

In close collaboration with leading experts and practitioners, the nxtAERO products are ready for use as stand-alone products or integration with several GOTS products. Furthermore, IAI licenses its nxtAERO products to several organizations within NASA, FAA, and DOD.