nxtRF is a suite of advanced RF products & solutions that address the challenges of next-gen tactical radio & military communications

nxtRF is a suite of advanced RF products & solutions that address the challenges of next-gen tactical radio & military communications

The nxtRF product family includes advanced RF hardware and software for the design and implementation of futuristic systems. Using innovative design and technologies, nxtRF improves the performance and affordability of critical RF applications. For instance, these include RF systems for radar, electronic warfare, unmanned aerial systems, testing, space, tactical radios, and 5G communications.

nxtRF Family of Products

RFnest™ is an advanced RF channel emulation solution that provides a realistic propagation environment. For instance, it detects problems with the RF system that are normally discovered in field testing. Therefore, RFnest improves design duration, testing iterations, and overall quality. RFnest supports the design and testing of tactical communications, radar, SATCOM, electronic warfare (EW), avionics, 5G/4G, and internet of things (IoT). In conclusion, RFnest helps RF designers complete critical projects on time and within budget.

Gallium™, with the niquist™ waveform, is a handheld radio platform designed to meet the demands of next-gen commercial and defense communications. Furthermore, Gallium revolutionizes advancements in RF capabilities such as network communication, positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT), sub-nanosecond wireless synchronization, and ranging. Integrating Gallium into existing RFcom, weapons systems, manned or unmanned vehicles introduces new RFcom and PNT capabilities.

CBAR is a powerful, next-gen wireless channel propagation modeling software that is designed to work efficiently on a laptop. Above all, CBAR’s highly efficient 3D ray-tracing algorithm accurately traces polygon ray tubes and calculates shadowing and reflection. In addition, it incorporates Electro-magnetic (EM) Scattering Model of Physical Optics (PO). Using CBAR optimizes RF coverage by predicting bit error rate and link availability of air and ground communications links. For instance, simulations compute the impact from terrain, aircraft orientation and velocity, antenna patterns, receiver characteristics, and modulation schemes.

IAI’s Advanced Transceiver Platforms provide RF designers with powerful building blocks and support for next-gen defense and commercial systems. IAI provides complete radios, or modules, to meet individual customers’ requirements. For example, these include designs for system-on-chip modules (SOM), RF carrier boards, enclosures. Furthermore, IAI offers research and engineering support to assist in system design, simulation, prototyping, and testing. Our experience in designing and developing powerful, efficient RF systems makes us an ideal technology partner.

MIFFT is the next-gen micro identification of friend or foe (IFF) technology with embedded crypto. Most importantly, MIFFT’s design fits into Group 2 and 3 unmanned aircraft systems. With support for Mode 5 and crypto standards, MIFFT represents major advancements in IFF technology for military and civilian applications. In other words, the small, form factor MIFFT unit brings MIL standard flight compliance to small unmanned aircraft systems.