nxtTRUST Cyber Protection and Intelligence prevents and contains attacks by segmenting traffic, disrupting attackers, and identifying vulnerabilities.

Continuous Cyber Protection and Intelligence

nxtTRUST Cyber Protection and Intelligence, a suite of cyber security products, prevents and contains attacks by segmenting lateral traffic, disrupting attacker tactics, protecting legacy devices, and identifying vulnerabilities.

nxtTRUST employs Zero Trust principles including securing network endpoints, authenticating users, protecting traffic, monitoring and reporting, and enforcing role-based policies. Furthermore, nxtTRUST allows network administrators to easily understand the devices in their network and appropriately mitigate known or unknown vulnerabilities. By establishing a strong security posture, nxtTRUST continually safeguards the network against potential attacks. With nxtTRUST’s automated, proactive approach, administrators are free to focus on other tasks with confidence in their network’s defense.

nxtTRUST Family of Products

CryptoniteNXT™ applies flexible segmentation policies to all traffic within and between protected subnets using Moving Target Defense. Most importantly, this conceals vulnerabilities from attackers while simultaneously increasing the administrator’s visibility and ensuring protected low level traffic. A CryptoniteNXT-protected network reduces an organization’s risk against vulnerabilities in legacy software or devices. Additionally, it provides network-level tools to block vulnerabilities that have not yet been patched. Above all, easy-to-use policy enforcement and attack disruption inoculates the network against malware, ransomware, zero day attacks, and insider threats.

CerberusNXT™, a part of the nxtTRUST Cyber Protection and Intelligence family of products, delivers real-time security threats and actionable intelligence via passive and active monitoring combined with network activity and other context. CerberusNXT puts the right data, context, and actions at the fingertips of network operators and security analysts. Furthermore, this helps them rapidly understand the network and discover threats. Operators and analysts can take risk-based actions to address high priority threats and vulnerabilities. In conclusion, CerberusNXT offers network inventory, threat detection, vulnerability and risk assessment, and visualization.