Proteus is designed to make it easy to interact with Sensor Observation Services (SOSs) 

Proteus has been developed to interact with sensor-related Web services that are compliant with standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium such as Sensor Observation Service (SOS) Catalog Services for the Web (CSW), SensorML and Observation & Measurements (O&M). By natively supporting these standards, Proteus lets users focus on their tasks of working with sensors and sensor data in a seamless and intuitive way. Proteus is targeted towards two main user groups: researchers and asset managers. Researchers can use Proteus to discover existing sensors and organize sensor assets they are interested in so that sensor data can be monitored, viewed and downloaded for further processing. Asset managers can use Proteus to view their deployed assets and monitor data to ensure sensor data availability. We have developed Proteus to have an intuitive and simple user interface and we hope you like it.

Proteus allows you to:

  • View sensor offerings from Sensor Observation Services on a map using NASA World Wind

  • Discover Sensor Observation Services and sensor offerings using intuitive map views and faceted search

  • Organize discovered sensor offerings by project in your personal workspace

  • Create logical layers of sensor offerings to display on a map

  • Download and view sensor data in an intuitive time series

  • Save sensor data queries to your workspace

  • Export sensor data to a file on your local hard drive