RFnest is an advanced RF channel emulator that reduces the cost of RF field testing by accurately emulating the propagation environment.

RFnest™ is an advanced RF channel emulation solution that provides a realistic propagation environment. For example, it detects problems with the RF system that are normally discovered in field testing. Therefore, RFnest improves design duration, testing iterations, and overall quality. RFnest supports the design and testing of tactical communications, radar, SATCOM, electronic warfare, avionics, 5G/4G, and internet of things. In conclusion, RFnest helps RF designers complete critical projects on time and within budget.

The RF spectrum environment is constantly changing due to a number of factors. For example, these include terrain and man-made blockages, atmospheric changes, unintentional or intentional interference, the coexistence of civilian/government RF usages, and non-conforming radios. Specifically, RFnest is designed to emulate these RF effects. RFnest enables vendors to achieve critical deadlines on time and within budget by reducing the cost and number of field-tests.

Features & Benefits

The RFnest RF channel emulator allows users to customize and integrate channel emulation into other hardware-in-the-loop emulation environments. It detects trouble spots for simulated mobile routes and suggests suitable locations of base stations considering terrain and RF environment. It combines the following to provide the most complete RF channel-modeling emulation:

  • Powerful Modular Hardware Platform – up to 32 radios (expandable to 128 in near future), up to 320 MHz bandwidth (upgradable to 2 GHz)
  • 3D Geometric Channel Modeling – 5G, military, custom model.
  • RFview™ GUI based O&M:
    • RF record and playback
    • Add/edit/remove radios
    • Add noise sources
  • 3D Terrain Database

In conclusion, the IAI engineering team provides continuous support for customization.


RFnest utilizes 3D geometric RF-modeling algorithms, powerful hardware, and easy-to-use software to support both stationary and mobile RF-channel emulation. With an integrated multi-RF record and playback toolkit, users capture and replay snippets or display signals in real-time in two directions. Users generate the desired signal, simulating a source, then record and analyze it through the emulated RF path.

RFview is an integrated GUI-based operations and management (O&M) software tool. For example, it supports the following capabilities:

  • integrate control and monitoring of all levels of network performance
  • interface with third-party network emulation software including EMANE
  • control RFnest hardware to set parameters such as channel impulse response and frequency band
  • interface with third party channel modeling tools for additional channel models

Firstly in 2012, IAI commercially deployed the RFnest RF channel emulator. Our engineering team continually upgrades RFnest with new features to meet customer needs. In addition to the new D600 series, the existing D500 series continues to be supported.

RFnest™ – D600 Series


Specifications RFnest™
RF Inputs/Outputs 16, 32, 64 (expandable to 256*)
Number of Digital RF Channels 28, 120 (expandable to 16,256*)
RF Configurations SISO, MISO, SIMO, MIMO
MIMO Configurations 2x2 to 16x16
Frequency Band 0 - 6 GHz (expandable to 20 GHz in near future)
Maximum Nodes (Radios) 8, 16, 32 (expandable to 128 in near future)
Maximum Instantanenous Bandwidth 320 MHz
Maximum Upgradeable Instantanenous Bandwidth 2 GHz
Maximum Mesh Propagation Delay 160 ms
Maximum Doppler Shift per path +/- 200 KHz
Flat Fade/Freq Selective Fading Rayleigh, Rician, log-normal, Longley-Rice, terrain effect, Doppler shift, phase adjustment
Time/Phase Synchronous Input/Output Support in set of 16 nodes

*Near-term capability

All specifications subject to changes without notice.
Not all features available at the same time

RFview channel emulation

RFview™ –  Virtual Drive Test


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