IAI’s mobile patient-reported outcomes system, Sympatico, uses an intuitive user interface to administer patient-reported outcomes Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Event (PRO-CTCAE) questions personalized to the patient’s cancer and body radiation site.

Your Concerns

  • Patients forgetting, erroneously reporting, or not recording symptoms in between treatments?
  • Wasting time filling out too much paperwork during appointments?
  • Readmissions and ER visits continuing to increase?
  • Have disappointed or non-returning patients?

Try Sympatico, an easy-to-use symptom-logging platform for patients.

How Sympatico Will Help

Better Reporting

  • Patients log symptoms as they occur on a mobile device

Better Treatment

  • Clinicians alerted to severe conditions
  • In-app self-care support for patients
  • Accurate and timely information for visits

Better Outcomes

  • Reduced readmissions and no penalties
  • Reduced ER visits
  • Improved patient satisfaction


Leverages nxtHealth Platform

nxtHealth provides the ability to share patient-reported symptoms into EHR charts.

User Friendly Interface

Sympatico uses a structured and personalized interface making it easy to report relevant symptoms.


Sympatico is accessible to a wide range of patients across age, sex, education level, race, and cancer type.


Sympatico is also designed to reduce time to complete surveys.

Severity Alerts

Severity alerts allow clinicians to monitor changes as they occur.

Symptom History

Patients and clinicians can easily track symptom changes using charts.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Increase Reimbursement

Improve Patient Experience

Improve Patient Outcomes

Your Concerns

  • How can I keep my doctor informed during my radiation treatment?
  • I never remember my symptoms when I go to the clinic.
  • Is there anything I can do about my symptoms?

Try Sympatico, an easy-to-use symptom-logging platform.

How Sympatico Will Help

Personalized Symptom Selection

Quickly find the symptoms you are experiencing.

Mobile Platform

Log your current and changing symptoms anywhere and anytime using your phone or tablet.

Self-Care Suggestions

Manage your own symptoms at home.

Symptom History

Track your symptoms over time.

User-Friendly Interface

Log your symptoms quickly and accurately.


Know that your data is secure and only shared with your doctor.

Why Choose Sympatico

Track your symptom history

Keep your doctor informed

Relieve your symptoms during radiation

Improve your well-being through better monitoring of symptoms