TalkTiles™ is a research-based multisensory device that provides opportunities for word-play activities which foster phonemic awareness skills.

This unique language development tool was developed and field tested by Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI), with funding from the US Department of Education’s Small Business Innovation Research grant program.

TalkTiles™ consists of a set of colorful letter tiles that children place into a “cradle” that holds a row of letter tiles to form words. By pressing on the letters or buttons, children can hear the names and the phonetic sounds of the letters. By pressing on the word button, children can hear the speech-synthesized pronunciation of the words they spell. This enables children to learn about combining letters and sounds, and to explore the formation of words. This type of word-play fosters phonemic awareness skills.

Expandable Platform

TalkTiles™ can also be connected to a computer to provide an easy method for updating the device, or to use with bundled software to expand the educational experience. When connected to a PC, reinforcing lessons, motivating animations, and rich feedback and prompting capabilities are all possible, which adds significant pedagogical value to the device.

Study 1: Single Subject Case Studies

Conducted at Strawberry Knoll Elementary School in their Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Head Start program. Results indicate that TalkTiles™ aids in teaching the alphabetic principle and in fostering phonemic awareness.

Study 2: Long Term Use Study

Conducted at Magnolia Speech School, Kennedy Krieger Institute, and Fairmount Early Intervention, Family Support Services. Results indicate that TalkTiles™ can be used by Speech and Language Pathologists to teach language and literacy related skills to children with developmental delays related to and including autism.