IAI’s AI & Advanced Computing team is a leader in the research & development of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies, including text, video, & data analytics, by pioneering advanced computing solutions.

AI & Advanced Computing

Deployable analytics, machine learning, and applied artificial intelligence solutions

IAI is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies including text, video, and sensor data analytics. In other words, IAI develops AI/ML-based products and customized solutions to address government and industry needs in application areas such as full motion video analytics, prognostics and diagnostics, natural language processing (NLP), cyber threat detection and prediction, surveillance and reconnaissance, logistics, and transportation.

Image, Video, and Text Analytics

Cutting-edge, AI-powered analytics for real users and challenges

IAI develops analytics tools to solve DOD and commercial challenges. Use cases for IAI’s image and video analytics tools include face detection and recognition, target identification, and tracking. For example, these computer vision capabilities extend to human motion and activity identification, weapon detection, and threat detection. IAI’s text analytics leverage NLP, graph analytics, behavior analytics, and trend analysis to help users obtain actionable intelligence from large datasets. In short, IAI has further applied these AI and big data capabilities for predictive analytics, remaining usable life estimates, and anomaly detection.

Embedded Machine Learning

Deployable AI and ML applications for embedded platforms

IAI deploys deep learning directly on embedded systems to enable advanced capabilities in fieldable packages. To simplify the challenges of packaging custom models into embedded platforms, IAI develops tools that transform trained models into code for embedded processors and FPGAs. In addition, Merging cutting-edge AI with custom-designed or COTS systems allows IAI to efficiently solve complex operational problems. Furthermore, IAI’s intelligent radios leverage specialized AI technology to meet tactical mission requirements in contested spectra.

AI Transportation Systems

AI applications for transportation safety and network optimization

IAI develops tools for both ground and air transportation networks. Most importantly, these technologies predict volumes, detect incidents, and automatically deploy mitigations to automate Transportation Management Center (TMC) operations for ground traffic networks. Moreover, the systems work in parallel with existing infrastructure to maximize data ingestion, analysis, and usage of TMC data. In addition, IAI develops custom safety solutions and performance evaluation tools to aid the deployment of connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and infrastructure systems. To support air traffic safety, IAI’s tools optimize air traffic usage and detect unsafe landing approaches.

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