IAI’s Autonomy & Robotics team creates custom R&D solutions for Optical Systems, Machine Vision, Human-Machine Interfaces, Manipulation & Inspection.

Autonomy & Robotics

Cutting-edge robotic platforms, autonomy, and human-machine interfaces

IAI’s Autonomy & Robotics team creates solutions for robotic and handheld platforms that integrate custom optical systems, machine vision algorithms, and autonomous control methods to maximize performance in the field. Real-time image stabilization, target detection, and multiple sensing modalities enable autonomy, supervised semi-autonomy, and intuitive remote operation of robotic systems. With IAI’s technologies, operators can use robotic systems to perform complex tasks such as surveilling large areas to detect and assess threats, or perform detailed optical scans of large equipment.

Electromechanics & Controls

Robotics and controls for inspection, maintenance, and reconnaissance

IAI develops state-of-the-art robotics, electromechanical platforms, and control systems to support warfighters both on the ground and in the air. IAI enables remote operators to easily perform complex tasks including inspection, maintenance, repair, and material handling. IAI’s control techniques enable robotic systems to automatically change their behavior to respond to threats and changing conditions. Teams of unmanned systems using these technologies perform reconnaissance and threat detection over large areas.

Sensing & Computer Vision

Ruggedized, deployable electro-optics, sensors, and computer vision systems

IAI creates custom electro-optical systems, novel sensing techniques, and embedded machine vision processing to enable deployable fire-control systems and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) platforms. IAI’s sensing packages employ image stabilization, machine vision, and other sensing modalities to provide the most detailed information to operators. Computer vision methods enable object detection, tracking, and classification in the field. Computer vision information is combined with other sensing modalities, such as ultrasonic probes, LIDAR, and RF sensors, to enable threat detection, damage assessments, and condition-based maintenance.

Human-Machine Teaming

Intuitive interfaces to enhance situational awareness and control for robotic operators

IAI optimizes human-in-the-loop operations by adding control technologies to supervised autonomous systems. With IAI’s unique operator interfaces and control techniques, operators have enhanced situational awareness and can operate with different levels of system autonomy.  Innovative teaming approaches allow individual operators to control swarms of unmanned vehicles to perform reconnaissance, threat assessment, and damage assessments over large areas. Operators have immediate access to intuitive visualizations of analyzed data from remote platforms.

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