Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) develops innovative algorithms and tools for a range of Big Data and Social Media Analytics applications including intelligence, scientific data, and health informatics.

IAI has considerable experience in the research, development and transition of innovative Big Data Analytics tools, applications, systems and technologies. We have expertise in the areas of Data Mining and Informatics, Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics, and Social Media Analytics. IAI’s Big Data solutions are applied to many areas including scientific data analysis, health informatics and intelligence analysis. Our clients and collaborators include the Department of Defense (including Army, Navy, DARPA, and Air Force), Health and Human Services (including CDC and NIH), Department of Energy, Integrated Intelligent Software, the Mayo Clinic, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, New York University, Cornell University and University of Michigan.

IAI’s data mining solutions include an agent based meta-optimization data mining tool and an online data mining and knowledge management tool for Nanoinformatics. Our scalable, distributed and modular toolkit for mining text-rich heterogeneous information networks enhances contextual understanding. IAI also has extensive experience developing innovative data cubing and visual analytics solutions. Two examples of our solutions include developing heterogeneous information retrieval solution based on OLAP and faceted search technology, and developing multi-scale visualization techniques by integrating cubing architecture with visual analytics.

IAI’s natural language processing and text analytics solutions include event and attribute extraction for military persistence awareness; entity and relation extraction for scientific papers, clinical notes, and social media contents; topic and opinion analysis for open source text and social media contents; and dynamic text summarization.

IAI’s solutions in social media analytics bring the intelligence in the massive social media data to decision making. Our Dynamic Warehousing and Mining (DWM) solution maximizes the ability of intelligence analysts to collect, organize, and analyze massive data to assess HSCB dimensions for a given group and predict current belief states and likely intended actions. Another solution, SHIELD, synthesizes social networks and their communication contents based on the physical laws of network and linguistic features.

Examples of our work


Scraawl® provides access to one of the largest sets of integrated analytics currently available on the market. Scraawl’s analytics go beyond metrics and helps you understand your campaigns, customers, and competition in unique and intuitive ways. Listen to the social media conversations happening on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Youtube using Scraawl now!


IAI’s SHIELD technology leverages advanced tools from graph-theoretic, statistical, topological and time-series analysis to generate realistic social network data with respect to multi-dimensional network analytical functions. SHIELD does not need input data and can synthesize fully anonymous social network data with target characteristics given as input.


iTextNetMiner is a scalable, distributed and modular toolkit for mining text information networks to enhance contextual understanding. Our key innovation is to foster the integration and mutual enhancement between text analysis and network mining algorithms in the heterogeneous network schema for contextual understanding.


SensorCube is an information summarization and retrieval tool for handling large amounts of INTEL sensor data from multiple sources. SensorCube uses specialized ETL algorithms to populate cubes with the information in RDF triples extracted from text and other formats.


IAI’s agent-based meta-optimization data mining software product contains more than 400 machine learning algorithms for both supervised and unsupervised learning, and its optimization-engine finds the best algorithm for a given problem based on optimization theory.


NEIMiner is an online data mining and knowledge management tool for publications and experimental data in the area of nanomaterial environmental impact. It can be extended to informatics management, with web data management, data mining and model visualization capabilities

Core Competencies

IAI’s multi-agent solutions provide robust highperformance infrastructures along with services and tools for the rapid development and deployment of large-scale distributed systems. IAI has expertise in service oriented agent frameworks, cognitive systems, semantic SOA, and web services. IAI designs solutions compatible with distributed simulation and interoperability standards including standards from the DOD and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) such as High Level Architecture (HLA), TENA, STANAG, JAUS, Common Control Systems (CCS), Sensor Observation Service (SOS) and Observation & Measurements (O&M).

IAI leverages our expertise in electromagnetic systems and modeling and simulation for applications such as high fidelity communications channel modeling, radar cross section (RCS) estimation, antenna pattern prediction, and communications system performance evaluation. We specialize in High Frequency (HF) method, Method of Moment (MoM), Finite Element Method (FEM), and Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) based electromagnetic (EM) techniques.

IAI develops complex simulation systems that model the behaviors and interactions of various components of the National Airspace System (NAS), and enabling Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) infrastructures. Our simulations are developed to support benefits analysis of Nextgen Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts such as airborne merging and spacing, dynamic airspaces, ground and flight deck-based interval management, airspace redesign for metroplexes, and UAS operations in the NAS.

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