IAI’s Healthcare Research Technologies apply our experience in data analytics, hardware design, imaging, & sensor systems to address critical challenges.

Healthcare Research Technologies

Data collection and analysis in non-clinical settings

IAI addresses critical data collection challenges in healthcare leveraging extensive experience in mobile technologies, software development, data analytics, and sensor systems. IAI’s digital healthcare team creates mobile apps and sensors to gather data from patients outside of the clinical setting. With IAI’s healthcare technologies, providers have direct access to patient data allowing them to improve outcomes by monitoring patient performance and providing timely interventions.

Mobile Apps & Serious Games

Immersive applications to improve patient adherence and data collection

IAI develops innovative solutions to overcome the many challenges associated with gathering quality data in non-clinical settings. Mobile apps allow patients to provide data from any location at any time. Pairing the apps with sensor technology enables continuous data collection with little or no patient effort. Serious games engage patients in relevant activities and motivate them to participate in the data-collection process. Together, these approaches give healthcare providers access to important and accurate data about their patients’ performance, symptoms, and adherence.

Research Tools

Rapid development and deployment of tools for healthcare research

IAI created a robust healthcare solution framework to rapidly develop and deploy new systems to support custom research protocols with unique data collection requirements. The systems are easily configurable to support multiple types of data collection including patient-reported outcomes, surveys, wearable sensor data, performance metrics, and cognitive tests. Healthcare researchers can capitalize on IAI’s simple, convenient, and secure systems to develop customized research technologies.

Wearable Design & Manufacturing

Custom wearables for real-time, non-intrusive data collection

IAI designs and builds custom wearable electronics that address the unique needs of healthcare research. Healthcare researchers can create and conduct studies using IAI’s custom sensors, commercially available sensors, and corresponding apps to collect data, enforce research protocols, and assess patient performance. IAI’s sensors have been used to model circadian rhythm, evaluate balance, and detect injury. IAI designs, assembles, manufactures, tests, and calibrates sensors in-house at a 5000-square foot production facility located in Rockville, Maryland.

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