IAI’s Modeling, Simulation & Visualization team develops behavioral simulations that model intelligent transportation, sensor networks & radar systems.

Modeling, Simulation & Visualization

Data fusion and analysis visualized in AR/VR experiences

IAI’s Modeling, Simulation & Visualization team uses data fusion, sophisticated analysis techniques, and visualizations to help users understand complex environments and systems. Immersive interfaces help users better understand available information to improve situational awareness and make more informed decisions. IAI’s researchers model and predict the behaviors of systems including transportation networks, aeronautical components, radio networks, and radar systems.

Data Fusion

Combining data for situational awareness, threat assessment, and non-destructive evaluation

Data from multiple data bases, sensor arrays, user interactions, and historical data sources is fused using AI methodologies to provide new insights to users. IAI uses data fusion to support a wide range of use cases including looking for injury in service members, supporting worksite safety using robotic platforms, evaluating engine components for fatigue, and improving performance of transportation systems. Fused data is used to create unique visualizations in AR overlays and VR worlds to provide in-depth situational awareness.

AR/VR Visualizations

Visualizations for immersive, engaging, and informative experiences

IAI’s researchers combine the latest techniques in computer, behavioral and learning sciences with serious game design to develop innovative solutions in training, robotic control, and healthcare applications. These applications provide immersive AR/VR environments for use cases such as training for repair technicians, supporting patients with their physical therapy rehabilitation exercises, and human machine teaming.

Complex System Analysis

Optimize aeronautical system performance, airspace usage, and flight safety using high performance computing and big data analytics

IAI’s big data processing, mathematical, and statistical analytical approaches are used to evaluate aviation safety and evaluate the performance of aeronautical systems. IAI creates systems to assess the design and performance of propulsion, guidance, and control systems. IAI’s analytical tools provide verification and validation of novel designs where traditional analytical methods cannot be used. IAI uses statistical and mathematical methods to merge historical data sets to allow researchers to get more use out of existing experimental data.

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