IAI’s Networks & Cyber Security team provides practical and customized solutions for protecting your network, information, and infrastructure.

Networks & Cyber Security

Advanced solutions to detect, assess, and mitigate threats

IAI applies its experience with wireless network security, cyber-attack analysis and mitigation, and cyber security testing and training to provide practical and customized solutions for protecting networks, information, and infrastructure. With a focus on improving agility, dominance, and resilience in tactical networks, IAI solutions can protect integrated ground, air, and space systems across all network layers. IAI deploys a wide range of cyber defenses from hardware appliances that make a network unpredictable, to software applications that monitor code execution.

Attack Analysis & Mitigation

System behavior assessment using AI analysis tools for attack detection

IAI develops AI-based tools to detect cyber attacks, mitigate threats, and evaluate impact. These autonomous detection and mitigation techniques leverage user behavior monitoring, network traffic monitoring, moving target defenses, and run-time monitoring of applications. This approach allows for in-depth analysis of anomalies across multiple domains for additional insight into attacks and improved responses.

Enterprise & Network Security

Risk identification for prevention and mitigation of network attacks

IAI’s cyber solutions dynamically manipulate and mutate the operational configuration of physical networks across multiple enclaves simultaneously making it more difficult for attackers to assess system topology. In addition to system security, these tools provide risk analysis and status visibility for on-premise network devices and servers. As a result, security analysts can discover vulnerabilities and assess their network risk in less time with less effort. IAI deploys a combination of hardware appliances and software solutions to create moving target defenses, and monitor network behavior to stop and contain cyber attacks while remaining transparent to the user. These technologies protect against network attacks and limit spread of network penetration.

Application & Embedded Systems Security

Prevent attacks by encapsulating code, applications, and virtual machines (VMs)

IAI offers advanced protection for legacy applications, embedded systems, and VMs. Protection strategies provide modern security to legacy applications using encapsulation and virtualization techniques. In embedded systems and virtual machines, protection tools monitor code execution and system behavior to detect  and respond to attacks. When an attack is detected, customized responses are executed to alert system administrators and halt operations to prevent further intrusion.

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