IAI’s Radar, Communications & Sensors team specializes in developing advanced sensor systems for military, transportation, and medical applications.

Radar, Communications & Sensors

RF systems, networks, and algorithms designed for a contested spectrum

IAI’s Radar, Communications & Sensors team specializes in developing advanced RF systems for military, transportation, and medical applications. IAI deploys technologies for use in phased arrays radars, portable radios, and electronic warfare systems. IAI creates RF systems from the hardware and physical layers, to waveform processing algorithms, through networking protocols. IAI’s high-performance software defined radios (SDR) are designed for the most advanced applications including cooperative communications and cognitive radio.

Deployable Military Radio & Radar Systems

Small form-factor military radio and radar transceiver systems

IAI specializes in creating technology for contested spectrum to create and maintain tactical advantages for the warfighter. IAI’s researchers develop tailored multi-input multi-output (MIMO) radios and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems. In-house designs allow for the creation of the smallest form factor electronics, customized waveforms, and synchronization methods to deploy phased array, massive MIMO, and beam forming transceiver systems. These capabilities are combined to enable new critical capabilities such as spectrum aggregation, resilient mesh networks, and high throughput HF communications.

AI Enhanced SDR & Radio Networks

Advanced techniques for continuous operation in contested environments

IAI develops RF network components at each level of the communications stack from the physical layer, to network protocols, through applications. IAI’s technology enables the most advanced mesh networks and dynamic frequency hopping methods that ensure optimal data distribution. Deep learning enhanced neural networks facilitate real-time spectrum co-existence, beam forming, and signal classification in small form-factor, low-power systems.

RF Testing & Simulation Systems

High performance evaluation and data collection tools for telemetry, mesh radios, radars, and EW systems

IAI deploys software and hardware technologies to support hardware-in-the-loop testing, and spectrum planning. IAI’s channel simulations emulate terrain, distance, motion, and interference for connected radio systems. These technologies enable simulation of radar returns and the injection of signal degradation from electronic warfare equipment. These tools help gain a better understanding of how their radio systems will respond to complex RF environments and contested spectrum.

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