Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) conducts research and develops custom solutions for Optical Systems, Machine Vision, Autonomy, Human-Machine Interfaces, and Robotic Manipulation and Inspection.

IAI has considerable expertise in developing custom solutions for challenges in Optical Systems, Machine Vision, Autonomy, Human-Machine Interface, Mobile Robotic Manipulation and Inspection, as well as Electromechanical System Design.

We develop solutions for real-time image stabilization, target detection and tracking with applications ranging from small arms fire control systems to real-time localization systems in the hospitality industry. Our ballistic matching system is currently in operation worldwide and helps law enforcement agencies identify suspects in any crime where guns are used. We develop systems for applications including the fusion of image-based data from multiple sources, vision-based navigation, anomaly detection in Full Motion Video (FMV), and defect detection on rough surfaces. We design and develop motion capture systems, robots to assist in damage assessment and rehabilitation for NASA, as well as for physical rehabilitation of stroke survivors for NIH.

Numerous active research and development projects focus on enabling autonomy, supervised semi-autonomy and intuitive remote operation of robotic systems operating in all regimes. We design, assemble and test systems for a range of applications, from IED defeat and EOD to medical training and simulation. Our multi-disciplinary team has both the diversity and talent to achieve success in all of these areas.

Our clients and collaborators include the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Justice, (NIJ), National Air and Space Administration (NASA), National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), companies including Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, QinetiQ North America, Textron, HDT Robotics, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), UCLA , University of Maryland, College Park, University of Delaware, Northwestern University, and many other companies and institutions.

Examples of our work


ARGUS™ is a radio frequency based wireless fence for asset protection and intruder detection, with a unique carry-on design and low power consumption. ARGUS™ also offers intrusion detection, localization and tracking capability for protection of high-valued assets like aircraft.

IED Detection

IAI is applying its expertise in sensing and autonomy to the challenges of IED detection and defeat. IAI’s solution integrates advanced control software, a state-of-the-art non-contact IED detection sensor, and a rugged mid-size mobile robot platform to automatically detect and neutralize IED threats.


MARCS, the Multi-Arm Robot Control System, gives operators of dual-arm robots enhanced situational awareness, intuitive control and adjustable autonomy for complex non-line-of-sight dexterous tasks, such as backpack inspection, tool handling, door breaching, and knot tying.


Distributed Control Framework (DCF) offers an integrated environment for robot team coordination and management using state-of-the-art geo-spatial Command and Control editor along with its unique robust performance simulation with hardware-in-the-loop integration.


IAI’s family of highly capable computational platforms, are aimed at real-time embedded machine vision applications. They combine both DSP and FPGA processors to get the best processing power. Hardware and custom designed and highly optimized firmware is used for embedded real-time image stabilization and target detection and tracking. These platforms offer a balanced tradeoff between performance, size, power consumption and cost.


IAI’s solutions assist soldiers in tasks associated with ranging, pointing, designation and marking difficult targets. Operating in conjunction with vision-based target detection and tracking algorithms, IAI’s Steerable Laser Range Finder (sLRF) facilitates accurate range determination to challenging moving targets. The sLRF is a compact unit developed for next generation Small Arms Fire Control systems.

Core Competencies

IAI has considerable expertise in optical system design and machine vision processing, particularly in the areas of image stabilization, object detection and tracking object classification, embedded processing, algorithm development, and robotic vision. We also develop systems for the fusion of image-based data from multiple sources, vision-based navigation, anomaly detection in Full Motion Video (FMV), and defect detection on rough surfaces, among other applications. We offer advanced expertise in a full range of specialties, particularly rugged and accurate laser steering and stabilization.

IAI is actively developing a variety of control technologies for trusted supervised autonomous systems with a focus on optimizing the human in the loop. Our diverse team has substantial expertise in adaptive control, machine learning and distributed control and communication. Our operator interface and robot control technology provide an operator with enhanced situational awareness, intuitive control inputs, and an intelligent machine interface that enables adaptive levels of system autonomy. This approach can be applied to unmanned systems that operate across all operational envelopes.

IAI develops state-of-the-art simulation and control software with a focus on high-degree-of-freedom systems. We are actively applying this software to a wide range of applications to enable remote robot operators to easily perform advanced dexterous manipulation for the purposes of inspection, maintenance, repair, EOD, material handling and others complex tasks.

IAI’s strength in the electro-mechanical systems arena is due in part to the synergy of its multi-disciplinary technical staff whose research interests enable the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics to develop sophisticated systems that can provide optimized performance, enhanced precision, and greater reliability. IAI has pioneered and delivered state of the art solutions and innovative devices for a host of diverse applications including quality control, actuator development, robotic vehicles, and robotic physical therapy.

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